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2007108 - criminal negligence

I don't play with either of my tamagotchis anymore. That sure was short-lived; HAHAHAHA.

But I do carry one on my keychain.

Eggo's battery actually died a month or so ago, and Omlit II's is still going. What is up with that? Environmental disarray?

Yes, it is ironic that while I have better things to do than play with fckn 'gotchies, I still found time to update this blog...agotchi. I'm going to go be productive or better my health.

I wonder if K8 will read this. Hello, if you are!


End transmission.
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2007211 - Omlit is truly dead.

I was mad at Kaitlyn and myself, so I threw her at the pavement as hard as I could. She screamed blood-curdlingly as her pixels melded together into a depressing heap of ink.

Kaitlyn and I are getting along now, so it's time to find a new girlfriend for Yokey!!
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20061011 -

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2006108 - because dead

Omlit won't listen to anything but "Mail Me."
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2006107 - Who can I trust if not my egg or my friend?

Today my Tamagotchi, Omlit, smashed my knee caps with a sledgehammer. She is a Maskutchi. I trusted her, as she is of the virtual breed whose name translated into English is EGG-FRIEND. Nothing can possibly sound more innocent and trustworthy than that, right? So I thought, until she stabbed me in the back by rendering me paraplegic while I was sleeping. I had thought I heard the faint voicing of the following words as I drifted off, "Let's break her leg-benders!" But never would I have expected that it was the voice of my Tamagotchi. I was pretty upset about it for a long time, but I managed to bite the righteous bullet and offered her some peace in the form of tarts or apples. She refused them all with a cruel, stoic silence.

I sat and pondered this blatant betrayal for a good while, and I've decided that one day soon, I'll probably put her on a frying pan and make her into a sandwich. If I'm not dead of bloodloss or comatose from nerve damage, that is.

"Beep beep b-beep," she says. Well I say fuck you, you bitch.
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<between the virtually real and the really virtual; How much could one person possibly write about a fcking tamagotchi? hahahahahahahah hahah ah a ha hahaha a haa

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